Honest Amish Reviews

Honest Amish Reviews

Written By Zac Sweeney

Pure Beard Oil

I don’t normally go with unscented oil. I like a big pop when I put it on in the morning. I like how it drifts into the nostrils as the day goes by. But I took a shot on it after reading some reviews and it’s worth it. It’s not too heavy, not too light. It absorbed quickly and took care of some nagging beard dandruff within two or three applications. I liked it so much, I even ran my hands through my hair to get rid of the residual. No bath towel is worthy enough. And, to boot, the natural scent of the oil is pretty great; toasty, nutty and floral without any sort of added scent. Two thumbs up.


Heavy Duty Beard Balm

I picked this up because I’m trying to train my beard to naturally grow down instead of out from my face like a scraggly black sunflower. I’m still working on that but this is, without a doubt, the best beard balm I’ve ever used. The biggest thing is it is pliable. Literally every beard balm I’ve purchased in the past has been nearly a wax. I hate how hard those other brands were to not only work into my beard but to simply get out of the tin and onto my fingers. The hold is great. It’s not greasy. Plus, it has a great natural scent despite not being a scented product. I would recommend this to any beard and/or mustache out there. Awesome product. Buy it. Buy it now.